Cox Construction, Inc. (CCI) was established in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 30 years ago by Barry P. Cox, a highly trained and experienced residential and commercial builder who over the years has surrounded himself with an equally qualified group of dedicated administrators, technicians, and craftsmen.

In the past two decades, CCI has constructed numerous upscale residences designed by notable local architects such as Daniel William Smith, Berlin Architects, and Ward & Blake Architects. Through these projects CCI has garnered an excellent reputation for quality and efficiency along with the knowledge, experience, and ability to select, schedule, and supervise the best local subcontractors who are always quick to respond to the CCI call.

CCI prides itself on maintaining safe, clean, and productive job-sites. The Company consistently establishes effective project management by placing a fully equipped and manned office trailer at each project site. These heated and air conditioned portable administration centers have a broad array of computer, telephone, fax, and email capabilities, making them efficient bases of operation. Many CCI clients reside outside Wyoming, so the Company has established rapid and efficient systems of long distance communication directly from its project sites, including regular posting of progress photographs for each project via the CCI Internet Website.

CCI bids many construction projects, but in the best interest of its clients, many are negotiated contracts with not-to-exceed cost structures. To implement such contracts, CCI produces a detailed project cost breakdown consisting of 35 or more cost line items based on allowances and sub-contractors' bids. This breakdown enables CCI clients to see in advance exactly where expenditures will be applied throughout the construction process and where costs can be adjusted, up or down, to meet the clients' needs and objectives, some of which may change as the project proceeds. CCI also implements a time-line scheduling system that is regularly updated to insure optimum coordination of sub-contractors and steady construction progress throughout each project. CCI applies these systems of costing and scheduling effectively on all its construction projects, whether large or small.

CCI is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of construction quality and craftsmanship while implementing its ongoing commitment to efficiency, schedule, and cost effectiveness. The experienced CCI staff makes a concerted effort to anticipate problems and develop solutions in advance, all in constant coordination with clients' objectives and preferences. Property owners in the Jackson Hole area who are anticipating a construction project will be well rewarded by a discussion of their plans and objectives with Cox Construction, Inc.

Barry P. Cox